Be a club that tries


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I said myself that PNE were the championship equivalent of Mike Ashley’s Newcastle.

Good luck to them now, they’ve suffered truly awful mediocrity and apathy for so long.

Reading North End Souls 2 the other day, it was amazing how many players from the 2000-2009 era felt how we just didn’t push on. We missed open goals methaphorically. Letting Eddie Lewis go on a free instead of paying him a bit more. Selling Macken in 2002 and not standing firm against Everton with Moyes etc.

We missed our chances then stood still and got worse. Since 2009 we’ve been truly mediocre and the owner seems content with that.

Be a club that tries indeed. Dont see it happening any time soon sadly.


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As I mentioned on the "Take over value of North End" thread, look up the takeover of Wigan Ath. A foreign owner doesn't mean all his backroom staff will be.Look them up one by one. There's positivity there without goin stupid. What were the incentives in the beginning? Let's be honest, they looked absolutely on their knees, a rugby town, always has been, always will be. A bit closer to the big city clubs than us, so if anyone wants to go on about catchment areas, don't!!
You just wonder, if the rumours are of course true, who the mystery takeover people or person was quite recently when, again, a deal was agreed, only for Hemmings to up the price an they just walked away.
Really? I'm afraid that one passed me by. As a matter of interest, where was it reported?


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i dont get the thread title? PNE had an interest in a player but signed someone else, if premier league clubs were interested in the summer then i doubt we'd have got him anyway