Ben Pearson Appreciation Thread

Doc Brown

Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but could it be Pearson was booked for obstructing the quick free kick rather than anything he did in the ensuing scuffle?

Also, Mclean is a bellend of the highest order.


Advisor to the Owner
Whether it’s justified or not, the ref has no choice but to book Pearo for the reaction unfortunately. McLean should’ve gone though.


Had Pearson not reacted in that way I think he might have given Maclean a red card but after Pearson reacting like that he decided to give them both a yellow, he was probably thinking he would get berated and threatened outside the ground. its obvious that teams and supporters are out to get ben riled up and that scum Millwall will be no exception.

Superb performance by him I have to say.

and what about Joe Allens challenge on Sinclair? straight red.