Ben Whiteman Joins PNE (Confirmed)


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I'm dreaming of a Whiteman for Christmas
Just before Ben Pearson goes
Where Deepdale glistens
And children listen
To hear, Rovers have a moan


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Welcome to Deepdale Ben.

Great decision on your part and there’s a place in history awaiting you son.

No doubt Twitter will soon be awash with claims that he loves to clip the ball with the inside of his left foot into the opposite channel, “evidenced” by shaky mobile phone video footage of him in a pre-season friendly against Frickley three years ago.

However, my own research indicates that:

a) He says “obviously”, “like I said before” and “wow, good question“ quite a lot.
b) He’s a very earnest, fairly softly-spoken, polite sort of lad, but capable of an occasional quip
c) He’s a keen student of the game, prone to post-match analysis sessions with the vastly experienced James Coppinger,
d) Encouragingly, he thinks the best feeling in football is scoring a goal.
e) He seems to have preferred playing under Grant McCann than Darren Moore.
f) Being released by Man U (the team he supports) as a kid hurt him but very much spurred him on
g) He’s playing in a more advanced role this season
h) Previously, he considered his deeper role as being about ”progression“ and getting the ball to the players who were going to hurt the opposition as quickly as possible
i) He doesn’t mention anything about a love of slowly rolling the ball backwards to his centre halves
j) It sounded like Doncaster used to have a policy of taking one for the team (he did have a flurry of yellows one season)

What he isn’t is a big personality, like a Greegs or a Parkin (do they even exist any more?), but he seems likely to fit in, lead by example, provide industry and application, get us up the pitch and stick a few in the onion bag.

Now, what’s my Twitter password again.....?
You really are taking player analysis to another level!

Anyway - Welcome Ben. Nice long contract. Time to embed yourself and make a real mark. Good luck.


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Just watched his interview on iFollow - can already see that there will be a future leader/captain in him. Wonderful signing! If we're able to add a couple more, I don't think we'll be far away


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I see Whiteman was in the Doncaster side that humiliated us in the FA Cup a couple of years ago. Obviously our shambolic display that day hasn't put him off.


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I see Whiteman was in the Doncaster side that humiliated us in the FA Cup a couple of years ago. Obviously our shambolic display that day hasn't put him off.
Or he thought it would just be really easy to get into the side and start playing Championship footy?


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It'll be a sad day when Pearo goes. Think he's one of those players North enders will speak about in an even higher regard then they do now for years. Proper player
I've said it plenty of times but his quality was so obvious on his debut away at Bristol City. I was baffled that it took him so long to break into the team but ever since he has he's been our best player by a distance.

The best player I have ever seen for North End and I think a lot of our fans have started to take for granted how good he really is too. Will be a huge miss when he leaves but Whiteman is a good start at trying to replace him.