Birds that visit your garden


French scout
Never seen a nuthatch.

Convinced I saw a golden eagle savaging something in a field in a hilly region of France a while back.
I hadn't seen one until this one now comes every day, it looks like a dirty chaffinch which is a little on the tubby side, he's timid tho' and doesn't stay very long, but quick enough to grab a few seeds then he's off. We also get some long beaked tits....just thinking I wish Nobber was on here today, he'd have a field day with all these long beaks and tits. Your sighting of a golden eagle may have been a red kite which is pretty big with coloured feathers and soars down on small vermin like mice etc.


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This is a Lorikeet that was on our balcony when I lived in McMahons Point.

This was the balcony view.

This is a Cockatoo on the balcony of an apartment we stayed at in Manly.