Black life in America


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No I’m Mer5eywhiticus

“No one is inherently racist” is a great hypothesis for a PhD or something! There are certain tensions for the driving forces behind man’s evolution.
One is that social cooperation, based on fairness and sharing brings evolutionary advantage. But another is being tribal and being protective of our tribe’s land and resources also brings evolutionary advantage. This brings conflict and fear of difference

On that basis, at one level, I think there is some innate, inherent “racism” within us all. And my suspicion is that our frontal cortex uses intelligent logic to suppress and overcome a more instinctive “tribal” feeling from our old core brain.
Right, that’s another thesis under my belt. I think I’ll solve nuclear fusion next.
i agree with all of that. But it’s not a purely white issue. All humans No matter what race have that instinct. But in my opinion and experience basic human decency is more obvious and is shown throughout the world.
There are obviously outliers.