Brad Potts signs new contract (Confirmed)


Only reason I can think this has been done is because he cost 1.5 million and we don’t want to flush that investment down the drain if we hadn’t already. Already behind DJ and Browne in the 10 pecking order and probably turn out to be just another Harrop situation further down the line.

Lee Trundle

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Pointless extension and I do like Brad Potts.

End of the day, we committed to Alan Browne last season and it has become very apparent he can only play the “physical 10” role.

Potts Is the exact same except slightly worse and not the club captain.

Very similar to how Browne got an extension and then we immediately tried to adapt him in to a position he never played before, I hope this move isn’t with a view to converting him to a centre forward long term


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I’ve defended Potts more than most of our fans, but this is pointless. We have Browne, McCann and Whiteman on long-term contracts. Ledson and Johnson until 2023. Then we also have the option of trying to re-integrate Tom Bayliss or Izzy Brown if their (differing) situations start to improve at some point. Plus we could’ve gone and signed someone better than Potts if we wanted another midfielder. There isn’t a danger of us being short in midfield any time soon. So there’s no need to rush into giving a player who isn’t performing a new contract.

I don’t think we’ll ever be stuck with Potts like we have been with Harrop because he’d be a more attractive option to lower league clubs given his record of playing a lot of games, but he’ll still be on decent Championship wages. Again, another reason not to extend.

I can only think they’ve extended because they didn’t want to lose someone they made a sizeable investment in, by our standards, for free. But in this climate who would pay us much of a fee for Potts anyway ?