Brad Potts signs new contract (Confirmed)


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Gravy train.

Which ironically is one type of transport vandalism he hasn't committed yet.


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If this is a deal on improved terms, it's a daft move.

If it's just a straight extension, I'm comfortable with it.

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Bit of a strange decision, Frankie clearly likes him from his comments though. I just can't see him ever being a starter here and I'd assume he's on decent money.


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Just when you think the club has started to learn from past mistakes, up pops "Mr Football" with another unwarranted and undeserved contract. TH also needs to hold his head in shame allowing the misuse of limited funds when the overall "pot" would be better used in bringing in a badly needed decent forward.


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Trev spent good money on him just like he did with Harrop, doesnt want to lose him for nothing i expect.

Eventhough not sure he deserves one yet.


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This was always going to divide opinion..but you need players who are decent enough to fill a squad place without being an automatic starter. And unfortunately at this level that costs money. I'm not excited by it but it was probably inevitable. He doesn't rip up any trees but he's a steady player. Can see why the club has done this. Good luck Brad.


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Not wrong. Gets on the pitch almost every game whether he’s in form or not, and whether or not the game suits him
Aye, that whole article is pure puff and spin - "he continues to be used by head coach Frankie McAvoy, having played eight games in all competitions so far this term".

They count 3 minutes against Swansea and 20 minutes of him fucking up against Sheff Utd as "playing a game".


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Unlike the Storey one I have a bit of difficulty with this as, under the current formation, he doesn't really have a role.

As one of the 3 in the 4231 he's alright as a runner/presser and he can get the odd goal but he's not a 10, he's not a wing-back and he can't play in front of the defence.

I've nowt against him as a player, he's steady enough, but where does he currently fit?