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Matchday Thread Bristol City v Preston North End - 5/08/23 - KO:3PM - Championship

Sneaking off topic I know
But it would be a sin not to let on about the best ice cream ever
Started in Criccieth
You can still get it (ice-cream) in South Wales. Has anyone ever heard of, or tried Joe's ice cream?
The second verse was about Warren Beatty. There are two other names (verses 1 and 3) unrevealed by Simon. James Taylor is not one of them.

Apparently 😂
Didn't know that. I thought it was exclusively about Warren. 👍
Sad to hear this, grew up just around the corner down Woodside avenue. Always fond memories of nipping round to Brian's for a cut and into Cuffs to raid the pick and mix. Dorothy felt like a piece of the furniture along that row of shops, would always stay for a chat. rip Brian.

RIP Brian. I knew him from the Ribbleton/Villa. I lived on Thornfield Avenue between '60 and '83.
Absolute classic and still as funny 45years later.
You should watch the Would I Lie To You episode with Ronnie Corbett.
Loved the ‘Kay lie’ (sic) and those flying saucer things that stuck to top of your mouth.. not forgetting Barrett’s ? Tube of Kayli with the licorice tube .. I reckon the daughter in cuffs used to fancy me 😉 always got an extra uncle joes mint balls in my six penny worth and bit extra scoop in my ice cream 🍦
Filth! 😮