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Build it up with Blue & White!

🎼 one man went to shit, went to shit on Blackpool.
One man and his dog called Spot, went to shit on Blackpool 🎼
Bloody good effort John. Let's hope the team put in a blinding performance to match your efforts.
If you can’t get up for this game then you can’t be a Preston fan. Wear white, wave your scarves, flags, banners and most of all bring your voice. Let’s roar past these imposters and make history and a day to remember.
Every set of home turnstiles has buckets/boxes of balloons.

Please grab some as you enter the stadium and then release as the players enter the pitch.

The groundstaff have said they will think of me for everyone they have to pop.

So lets make it worth it 😅

20230328_125304.jpg 20230328_125301.jpg
To quote our former leader, 'hand on heart' I'm with you in spirit. Great work!