Caption time


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Peter ridsdale simon Grayson and iain Hume,the conversations up to you ;-)

Peter - Iain, we've received an offer for you that is to good to refuse. But you have an option of a lower wage package to stay here if you want, So Sign and stay or collect your things.
Iain - Who's the Club?
Simon - Stevenage
Iain - get me the contract, I'll sign.


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All joking aside, that is how I think the conversation will have gone !!

Along the lines of " its gonna be a big season for this football club Iain, do you want to be part of it or not ? "

I reckon that they will be looking to reduce his wages but dangle a big promotion bonus in front of him just as they will have done with KD !!
It's a fair point but as captions go its not very witty!


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SG - Well Iain, seeing as you are asking, it's a model submarine. Guess where you will be sitting for most of next season?
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Now look Iain, Peter here thinks you've put a bit of weight on.

And where does Peter train? Ashworths pie factory.