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CONFIRMED Ched Evans - Serious Medical Condition

If you want to get the most out of your top players, yet are not in their Twenties anymore, you have to manage them .

Even younger players than 30 can be 'burned-out' to some degree. Too many games or too many minutes in a period and the player's 'recovery time' is compromised

We aren't a rich club who can afford to replace. "like for like" every three years or so.

I thought the bringing-on of Ched when he was brought on - was perfectly timed, the 'young gun' of magic having hopefully tired
the oppo's out, and having both on for some of the time was what was wanted.
Think Ched is a serious weapon off the bench, and would keep him in that role for now.
Thought we were overrun in the midfield for large parts last night by their passing and movement, and would personally revert to one up top for an extra body in there. Whiteman has qualities but mobility certainly isn't one of them, and feel we are missing McCann a touch. The captain is currently papering over a lot of cracks in that area - his workrate and performances of late have been exceptional.
Osmajic up top with Evans coming on to join or replace would be my shout...not sure where that leaves Keane, especially with Riis also on the way back. Certainly a nice problem to have and a sign the squad has progressed (at that end of the pitch)'s not that long ago we were having to start Seán bloody Maguire every week...
Think Ched is a serious weapon off the bench, and would keep him in that role for now.

Absolutely. I'm guessing/assuming/surmising that the club are seriously managing his minutes now and for the next little while. If the opportunity arises to give him a start, I'm sure the club will decide where and when it will be.
Start him - he's earned it
I don't see why any manager is obliged to start his best players from the first minute at all.

Q. Why does any manager need to start his best players from the first minute ?

A. They don't.

The game has always been split up into various phases. His manager needs to manage him. Ched's brilliant but he's not 20
anymore. Ration his game-time to get the best out of the guy, over a longer period of any season.
He's best when the defensive opponents are tiring a bit, from the more physical attack from the likes of say , a Magic. Ched offers a different skillset to him & eg Keane.
Last night was brilliant timing to bring Ched on when he did & the game swung our way.