Chris Sedgwick


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I know McKenna got official MOM today but I though Sedgwick deserved it more. He was immense, he put himself about the pitch more than I've seen! He was tackling, passing and crossing with ease and making Sunderland look average. I've never been a massive fan of his but I thought today he was superb! Well done Sedgy lad keep it up!! :cool:


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Re: Chris Sedgwick

Yep. i think sedge has found his new position. He has very good vision, and skill in the middle of the park, can pass, tackle, get forward, track back and even head a ball. He was my man of the match today! keep it up


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mckenna did have a good game so can probably understand why he got man of match . But Sedgy was outstanding his passing was spot on and he backtracked excellently , good all round game for him . Also got to say imo st ledger had an excellent game, that lad is coming on nicely !


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Re: Chris Sedgwick

MoM has to be chosen of following who all showed much improved performances:
Hill (much improved on recent weak performances)
Pugh (Once again hard working up and down wings)
Sedgwick and Kenna (influential in the middle- Dominated)
Alexander (Does age matter with this guy??)

And all the other players were just as good, IMMENSE PERFORMANCES



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Re: Chris Sedgwick

I think McKenna was right to get the MOM, and I honestly think Alexander had a great game too, but I have to agree that Sedge has hit another level after moving infield. It has to be his spot from now on for two reasons:

1) Whaley is better than him on the right

2) He's playing superbly in the middle.

Hope he can build on these performances and make something of it.


Re: Chris Sedgwick

The last time I saw Sedgwick play was away at Southampton, he was muck that day. Since I've been away I've heard good things about Sedge.

Today he was class, his first touch was excellent. The first touch gave himself time and room to pick his next pass out. My three main players today were Chris Sedgwick, Graham Alexander and Paul McKenna.