City Centre Investment

Roger Mellie

First Team
I've thought for years that area of the City needs a bit sprucing or livening up. It's one of the busiest gateways in and out of Preston but looks run down and dead.

The new student block on the junction is an addition of sorts I suppose, but aesthetically isn't great.

Knock Wickes down and build an indoor version of Ibiza is what I reckon.

Few more students blocks at the back in between North Road and Kent Street, bulldoze the shitty bathroom showroom and a couple of other pointless gaffs, and turn them into restaurants, bars and nightclubs... with neon signs and artwork everywhere.

Get the whole area looking like Bladerunner.....buzzing with fit birds out for a good time.

Jobs a fucking belter.
I think a hooters bar would make a worthy addition to this plan of yours 😁


Advisor to the Owner
Takes a special sort of turd to complain about new apartments when the alternative is a piece of shit, eyesore warehouse.

Work still taking place at Adelphi



Mowgli Street Food have pulled out of the St George's Centre redevelopment citing rent issues.

Couple of people suggesting on FB tonight that SGC owners are pulling the plug on the whole thing but no confirmation on this yet. Would be horrendous if true.


Preachs PA
Staff member
Apparently rent figures nationally for this quarter are 14%. Which may explain shopping centres being slightly peeved


Mad Scientist
Bear in mind that intu are collapsing too so not too unrealistic to assume similar is happening to other places too.


Lady from Mowgli has said on her Instagram this is nothing to do with rent or the affect CoVID has had on them but simply the SGC owners 'pausing' the whole Friargate development including them, the Botanist and bringing the currently empty units up to standard for food & drink use.