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City Centre Investment

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Do you not have residents' permit parking there ? If not , try lobbying PCC/LCC . They have schemes in other parts of Avenham and tbf do patrol regularly and enforce well .
Yeah might be worth considering if/when the building starts. Tbh it wasn’t as bad until the college started construction of a new building on Albyn Bank Rd and got the council to put single yellows down next to their property - that has pushed cars onto our street during the day. Luckily there’s not been any emergencies round here during the day because there’d be a struggle getting an ambulance or fire engine down here some days.

I don’t think the college really has much consideration for the residents when it comes to student numbers, the more students, the more money they get.

But yeah, it probably is worth speaking to the council about permits. Especially if there’s going to be more construction happening in the future.