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Clayton-Le-Woods gas explosion

The plot thickens.

Lancs Constabulary are terribly incompetent, you only have to look at the Dylan Crossley case to see their failings, a coroner tore the Constabulary to pieces last year and demanded a retrial into his death, this will end up going the same way.
Had a few interesting phone calls at work the days after this incident happened. One or two people trying to cover their own backs and shift blame, others trying to make sure they wouldn't miss out on something they feel is still owed to them. Will drag on for a good while yet and perhaps the final "truth" will be nothing like what actually happened. Would make for a fantastic conspiracy though.
Like something You would watch on TV.
Don't get your knickers in a twist, I was still half asleep and yeah, an IT expert that rigs his house with wireless devices that are programmed to switch on via his computer all at the same time and ignite highly combustible gasses in his home is usually something seen on a film or TV series.
Is he highlighting "you'd" as he's suggesting that he wouldn't watch that sort of program on tele and Mark would.
Or was there a spelling mistake that's been corrected. I'm confused.