Coronavirus football options summarised (Premier League Restart 17/06/20 (post1,630)


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Blimey Kathryn, it's only seat same as all the others in the ground!
I have never understood this attachment to a seat? It doesn't apply when we play away?
It’s not the same as others. No one in front of me, only one person beside me. No having to keep getting up when people want to pass. Familiar faces immediately behind me. It’s the best seat in Deepdale and I’ve had it for 18 years. I rarely attend away games.

John T

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If we do the Finney stand will be empty and sales of Bovril are gonna drop through the floor
If we get promotion if you are a Premier Member you will get a free one ;)
Ha Ha very good paddy

Nearly as good as the one I gave jake 10 out of 10 for
I hope you are keeping ‘that Dog’ well I need him for the next episode of Secret Meetings



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Players may face further wage reductions until crowds return

The problems around player wage deferrals have quietened down now that football has returned but, Laurie Whitwell writes, further flare-ups could be around the corner once this campaign is complete — particularly in the EFL.

Some Championship clubs are still concerned over expectations of fans returning to stadiums and are attempting to negotiate further cuts that are only refunded once supporters are allowed back in.

The logic is clear, in that a lot of teams rely heavily on match-day revenue and though broadcaster income is partly salvaged by playing behind closed doors the loss of crowds means a significant hit on finance. Clubs are trying to pass this on to players until the situation changes.

But one agent says: “The legal stipulations of putting that in a contract are difficult. How do you define fans being back? Five hundred, 25 per cent, a full stadium? There are all kinds of contractual issues in the Championship.”

Some sources hope a new season starting in September will see a controlled number of supporters allowed back in grounds but government policy will ultimately dictate. Until that time, talks will continue. “If a player doesn’t agree to the deferral proposals there is nothing a club can do, the player can leave on a free,” adds the agent. The issue then, however, would be finding a new club not suffering from the same financial concerns.


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I read somewhere that the wage salary cap currently being discussed in The Championship is £18 million a season.