Coronavirus science and statistics(no politics)


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These are the latest data for Europe - 7 day incidence of cases/100k population

For comparison, on 28/8 and today 25/9 - exactly 4 weeks on

UK 12 now 52
Portugal 16 now 46
Spain 110 now 167
France 61 now 122



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Sweden is repeatedly held up as an example of a country that controlled COVID-19 without the need for major restrictions, despite this being demonstrably untrue. Sweden has the highest mortality rate among the Nordic countries, with cases now rising again.



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Let's be honest nobody really knows the correct way and it will take years until we know who called it right. But at the moment our policy, along with most of the world, seems to be semi lockdowns until we recieve a vaccine. Yet that's obviously a risky strategy and there's no plan B if a vaccine doesn't materialise. Even if we do manage to get a vaccine the majority of scientists agree that it will be similar to the flu vaccine. Effective for a lot of people but it won't eradicate covid and many thousands will still die each year. Unfortunately, some of the countries who have been relatively unscaved so far may have to accept that they will at some point have a large amount of deaths.

Personally I feel that Sweden have taken the pragmatic approach whereas a lot of other countries seem to be in denial. It's always going it be with us so we can't hide away forever. What happens after this 6 month lockdown and there's still no vaccine? As soon as restrictions are lifted the virus will spread again. Do we lockdown again next year? I genuinely feel that we'll be forced to change policy anyway as the cost of this lockdown over winter will be awful. It was fine when the sun was shining and it was all new but it's a different story over the winter months.