Covid takes current Capella Artist.


Crazy Bird Man
Many of you will remember Capella from the 1990's, but over the last many years a good friend of our who became the lead singer of Capella in the 90's re-union tours, Marcus Birks has been taken by Covid.
Marcus starred in Bad Lads Army and Pop Idol, before trying to forge out a music career, became the Face of Capella, before they performed at Tokyo Joes Reunion nights and many other 90's Gigs around the world. Marcus was very healthy but sadly Anti-vax in a sense he didn't want it, but didn't stop others getting it. He was due to perform at my Cancelled Wedding.
This has come a massive shock the day after I got home, still fighting it and had what the hospital are calling a death experience (but it was more Body shut down to shock when they tried to get Blood).

R.I.P Marcus the 90's events will never be the same.

Anyway only posting because some may remember him/them/Capella.