Crash on St George’s Road


Thats really bad.... Its narrow at the best of times, i grew up on Romford rd just up the street, no cars hardly in 60s n 70s....terraced road not built to accomodate on road parking on both sides. Still.. No accpunting for a stupid cnut like that.. Hope he meets Gloria on G wing in the showers.....


The fact a police car arrives in less than a minute suggests it was a chase. A bit of sport for the night shift then.
Possibly but if it was a chase surely they would have been only seconds behind?
There are strict rules re pursuits and the like and if it has been chased per say then unbelievably it needs authorising and the driver needs to be qualified to continue. Most likely it made off at speed when he saw a random cop car with this outcome. Just glad no innocent person got injured.


Serial killer of note
I know the roads are quiet at 4:30 am but there's been some mega crashes locally whilst the lockdown has been in place.