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David Johnson



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I wonder how many European champions and full internationals would drop down to one of the worst teams in the league nowadays or in the future? He‘d obviously had his best days but you could still see the touch and the movement when he played for us.

I was musing along those lines. Bobby Charlton though he came initially just as manager did then become player-manager and he obviously also had a European Cup winners medal. I am not certain Nobby Stiles did though did David Sadler? Brian Kidd did as well but I can't quite recall though he managed us briefly whether he did actually play for us. David Beckham went on to European Cup winner status after his brief loan spell with us and before that Tony Morley did. I can't think of anyone else who played for us who won a European Cup winners medal. Stiles and Charlton, of course, also had World Cup winner medals.


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Neil Mellor got one if I recall the story correctly. He and Steven Warnock had been involved in the squads all the way through their run to the final but neither were involved in the final squad against Milan. They’d been given an indication they’d get medals by Benitez but it never happened, so they took one of the Milan medals each that the Milan players had binned.