E scooters


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Bloody things everywhere, zooming along pavements and roads with impunity, i am sure its illegal to use them on roads and pavements except in designated trial areas, surely they should be insured?
I think they have their place but definately need regulating and if they are to become commonplace then need specific legislation to ensure safety for users and the general public. Currently a free for all


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As usual a Government behind the curve when other countries had already done the necessary to allow them to be regulated, insured and used. We're still only at the trial phase and not seeing any real sign that we're making progress with legislation yet you can walk into Halfords and buy one (and have been able to do for well over 3 years to be honest). Shambles as ever.


I think they're a great idea, but I do think in order to buy one the shops should book you on to a driving type day course before being allowed to get the e-scooter. Perhaps have a deposit system where if you turn up to the course you get the money back.
I like the pilot scheme they have in Liverpool and other cities, but yeah, a bit daft to have pilot schemes and shops selling them for £130.

They need to be on bike lanes.

I also saw someone on what looked like an e-dirt bike, great in a way because dirt bikes sound vile, but bad because I imagine it's easier to be hit by someone on one as you can't hear them as much.