Early summer transfer gossip


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Definitely need a specialist RB/RWB. Can't see another CB coming in (like others have said) unless Earl and Hunts go. Would see Earl as backup LWB behind Cunningham which means Hughes as LCB. Bauer, Hunts, Lindsay, Storey, Hughes and SVB for the CB roles
We look very weak as it stands

Mr Meeseeks

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Why are we even thinking Earl is championship standard? Alarming ….. should be moved on
Very similar early career to Ben Davies though, although that said Earl has more games under his belt for ourselves at a younger age than Davies.

Loans, loans, loans and then a breakthrough season. There’s clearly a talented player in there, with some good coaching and game time I’d like to think he’s going to fulfil his potential.

Surprised we haven’t tried to bring him more central into the LCB role to be honest, perhaps that could be on the cards this season. He has all the attributes in my opinion for that role with his height, pace and defensive ability.