Eleven Years Ago This Month...

PNE Plungy

Ah yes, the one year of pain for us Nobbers. But what followed for 10 years turned out to be pure gold.

The Oyston saga. Thanks Owen & family from all at Preston North End 🙏

Your saviour Belakov who gave you the bird after securing his millions in the courtroom 🖕

The sobbing and year in, year out tantrums of the tangerine smacked arses 😭😂😂

The relegations to your rightful place in League 2 👇😆

Tennis balls and Brian Potter Gate which led you to be the laughing stock of the football league 🤣🤣

The "boycotts". 😤🤣🤣

And so, so much more. Blackpool Football club. The gift that had been giving for 10 years. Your promotion to the Premier League was the catalyst for so much joy at Deepdale. Thank you. 😁😁


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Some call themselves Blackpool supporters, yet they really seem to love PNE, spending so much time and energy with us.
Welcome to the good side, guys ! (y)


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As you get older you tend to mellow a bit, so in that mindset it was great for Blackpools true fans and it must have brought great pleasure to many. So... Jealous of their year in the prem? Yes.
Jealous of their club? No way.
Our time will come, just hope i am around to see it.


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Are other one-season wonders as tinpot as this lot? wanking over a single season over a decade ago?

You don't see Barnsley bringing it up as they have a bit of self-respect.

It's all very amusing, especially considering what happened after it.