Encounters with North End players, in normal life

paolo poggi

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I once saw Ian Bryson heading to Asda Fulwood, from his car. That was some time ago. At the time I remember being excited. I was a lot younger then.
Yesterday, I saw Ben Pearson in Sainsbury's, Deepdale. Ben was on the central aisle, and appeared to be in two minds as to whether to head down the homewares avenue, or to divert towards the baked goods strand.
I was 89% sure it was definitely North End's midfield nucleus. I didn't interrupt, for fear of an irritated, retaliatory strike.
He looked like he had his hands full with toddler and wife, so I left him to his groceries.
Great days.
Great days.


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Not a player at the time (was managing Everton still), but was behind David Moyes in the queue in Tesco Fulwood. Said hello, he looked half dead. Had a basket full of Lemsip.


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When I was at school, Black Prince and Nobby Lawton used to come and have a "kick about" with us. Prior to that, Tommy Doc also did the same. Good no frills fellas. Spent time with us talking football. Good memories.


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Seemed to go through a phase a few seasons back of seeing a number of PNE players in Nandos, Joey Garner, Jack King, John Welsh, etc. Once asked Garner when he was returning from injury and he said something along the lines of ''soon as hopefully, I'm bored as shit''.

Once was sat in Costa also, killing time whilst the Mrs shopped, minding my own business & playing on my phone. Next thing Callum Davidson & Graham Alexander came in and sat down on the table next to me, Grezza telling him how things were going at Burnley, etc.


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I once met Sean Gregan in the Deepdale Sainsbury’s. Spoke to David Moyes when he was walking his dogs in Cottam when he was PNE Manager. Once met Bobby Charlton in St George’s Shopping Centre when he was PNE Manager. Met Spav there also one time. I often see Brian O’Neil and Youl Mawéné at my club, and used to see Kelham O’Hanlon and Colin Hendry there.

black prince

When I was at school, Black Prince and Nobby Lawton used to come and have a "kick about" with us. Prior to that, Tommy Doc also did the same. Good no frills fellas. Spent time with us talking football. Good memories.
Howard Kendal used to have a kick about with St Gregs,Holme Slack and Deepdale School lads on a Saturday morning, after Youth team training,on Moor Park.It would have been 1962/63 ish.Also Andy McClaren was my Window cleaner during the 80s.

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Bumped into Gregan at Morrisons on't docks and surprisingly, he was buying mineral water.

I said to him "You'd better do them Dingle Bastards at Turf tomorrow".

He replied with a smile and "We will".

We did.

Also spoke to Tepi and Brian Barry Murphy at the supermarket, just saying "Good Luck" ahead of the game.

Bumped into Lenny Johnrose in Yates, introduced myself as a PNE fan who'd played against him a schoolboy level. Asked about THAT gregan challenge that knobbled Greegs and ended his season. His words "Stan told me to do him early on". It came across as an "I didn't have much choice" reply and look.


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Saw Kurt Nogan a fair few times stumbling out of the boozers in Leyland. Also saw him in the bookies across from Iceland in Leyland.

Paul McKenna sometimes came into Elite snooker club in Lostock Hall for a few frames.


When I first started watching North End, John Thomas was my hero. I got his signature at the old players entrance when I was about 10 and its been in my home and office with pride of place ever since. Fast forward 30 years and my secretary's boyfriend was a big Bolton fan. He loved JT too from his time at Bolton and after the Bolton v PNE game 3 years back he asked if I wanted to go and meet JT in the hotel. I did and we had a good laugh reminiscing about Frank Worthington and John McGrath. He was an absolute pleasure, I felt like a 10 year old again, still starstruck with the man. Anyways, it was my 40th birthday a couple of years back, a surprise party in town was thrown for me and JT turned up!! My secretary had contacted him and he had remembered me and came with his wife from Bolton. We then went round town and had a really good night. He then even took my secretary and her boyfriend back to Bolton. They say never meet your hero - glad I did.
Not a player but I saw Alex Neil a few weeks ago in the Corporation Arms in Longridge. Mr other half claims she has seen Ben Pearson in the Co-Op on Berry Lane in Longridge a few times.


Tesco Buckshaw is a hive for PNE footballers.

Neil Kilkenny, Paul Huntington, Daryl Horgan, Simon Makienok all spotted in there. Some I've forgotten I'm sure.
Sylvain Ebanks-Blake in Morrisons Leyland, that was extremely random.
Dave Nugent every Saturday in Squires. Legend.
Graham Alexander at the doctors in Penwortham.
Sean Maguire in Frankie & Bennys just after he joined, and I went past him in the car the other day too.

I've not spoken to any of them as I don't know them, except Nugent in Squires as I had a few pints :D


Joey garner was impressed that my three year old lad knew his song - well a clean version anyway. We were in a cafe in Whalley at the time.

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Going back a few years, Eddie Brown used to be my geography teacher. He was not to be messed with, but was also a well liked teacher amongst the pupils. He was one of the ones tasked with administering corporal punishment when I was there (4, 6 or, if you’d been really bad, 8 sharply delivered blows to the hand with a piece of leather). Eddie was always the one all us miscreants wanted to receive the blows from........he was known for being the one that went easy, and sometimes even losing count to our advantage. A true gent, a fine teacher and a flipping good footballer so I’m told, but I never saw him play.