Encounters with North End players, in normal life


Youth Team
(Some time ago), played footie in the street In Ashton. Was joined by Archie Gemmill & Alex Spark until one of them cracked a window and we all did one...
Wasn't sure of Spark's first name and when checking came upon a 'Where are they now' article of the Div 3 Chapions 1970/71team. (May interest someone):

Mighty Whites

First Team
I have a few pics of me as a kid with moysey, saville, kilbane etc which had been in my garage for 15 years untouched. Given I hadnt seen the pics in so many years i took pics of them with my iphone to show friends. Later that very day i was flying to usa and saw kilbane in the airport with his mrs! Unbelievable! I didnt have it in me to whip out my phone and say eh kev, here is a pic of you and i 15 years ago (can you imagine!), so i had a wee chuckle to myself and left him alone to enjoy his departure lounge without some weird guy pulling out such a pic. I wish i had of now, missed opportunity
Bumped into Mike Elwiss in 1985 ish.
Reminded him of his away goal at Leicester when he was on loan. Last few minutes edge of the box free kick with the away end singing "Give it to Elwiss".

Whistled in.

Much like Grezzas goal against Charlton.

A defining moment as a PNE fan.

All except the escort back to the coaches after the game.

It was like the Alamo.


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Frs. Whittall or Birch were the sadistic ones. Their feet nearly left the floor when they hit you.
Pop Moulding was a real wit, would give you 5 mins of chaos, including anything PNE related, and then woe betide anyone who talked out of turn, was Whittall and Hackett that gave them out mainly, when I was there, just transpose the first letters of each name, for a truer description of their prowess in the corporal punishment stakes.