Euxton Training Ground


Just seen this on Twitter as someone has found this in the paper.

Could make a lot of sense if we was to buy it, can anyone confirm if this is true perhaps?


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No way will we buy a training ground when Hemmings can get one for almost free in a couple of years.

Probably a heavily revised down, not a particularly good one mind.


Bearded Beauty
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Weren't the old Pontins head offices near there? Wouldn't surprise me if he owns a lot of the surrounding land


Put new planning application in for more houses on ingol more profit, buy Wigan’s training ground at a knockdown price spend a tenner on a new striker owner very happy .

sports rehab

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It’s probably just recycled news from when we looked at it when Bolton were selling it.
but it does make sense to buy a purpose built TG than pay for developing one.....

Wigan have Robyn Park as well for their academy and so could probably do without their 'new TG' @ Euxton.....

Am I right in thinking Wigan outbid TH last time ?


It certainly does make sense, I think you are right on Wigan outbidding us before, TH will love to buy something for fraction of what he nearly paid before. Bolton sold it for £2.2m

Mr Meeseeks

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It would make absolute sense to take it.

It will be going for a fraction of what Wigan paid given their circumstances, it’s a massive step up from what we currently have, Hemmings has his Euxton ties and a lot of the players live practically next door on Buckshaw and Wigan Road.

My only worry would be that we see our already limited transfer budget reduced as a result of purchase.