Ex-PNE gear you now own


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One of the ladies I play tennis with lives next door to Barry Nicholson. One year, when he was still at North End, she asked him to get all the players to sign a birthday card for me. I still have it.

Dirty Harry

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This is not about me but my brother..... we used to have an old PNE programme probably from about 1963/4 with a photo of my brother at the annual Christmas party surrounded by PNE players of the time - I seem to remember Howard Kendall was one of them..
Good to read you've come out 😂. I have a game worn Erik Meijer (red away) shirt and it's framed (y). Also...

One of Moysie's blue training tops
Baz Rathbone's training top and trackie bottoms
Paul McKenna's game worn away yellow shirt 2001 (long sleeved (y))
Adam Eaton's shirt from Cardiff 2001
Greegs game worn blue away shirt 2000
Kevin Gallacher shirt from 2000
Coloroll (Beckham) shirt signed by Beck & Co
Ernie's shirt that he wore in our 5000th league game against Derby
I've got the shirt Ando wore when he scored his hat-trick. He raced around the pitch perimeter, took his shirt off, swirled it windmill-style above his head, then threw it to the crowd. I think he got booked for the celebration.

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That’s a really good stash MC....

im sure if you ever decided to sell then you would make a few bob..

Nice memories though...
cheers Ando

A lot of the items are things I'll keep. I was tempted to donate my programmes from 2005/06/06 etc era the other week when someone posted asking for them - but they're somewhere in the loft and I doubt I'd find them anytime soon!

My late Granddads items and the signed Finney items will be passed on to my children when I have them... Who are going to Football fanatics like me hopefully!


Just going through my “box of shit” (as the missus refers to it - she’s a dick at times) and came across a few PNE items that I’d acquired from players over the years:
- Jonny Macken’s training kit from about 2001 (made by Bloggs, all number 17)
- Ricardo Gardner’s tracksuit from his loan period
- Part of the number of the shirt worn by Paul Raynor in the historic 4-1 semi final victory over Torquay (this is my favourite item and goes well with the strip of the pitch that I got on the same night).

A pretty paltry collection, given almost 30 years of being a season ticket holder. What have the rest of you managed to get hold of over the years?

Any used Athletic supports?

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........mines this Wednesday if anyone wants to join in the monotony.