Extinction Rebellion, the return of the great unwashed.

Extinction Rebellion

  • Genuine people concerned solely with the future of our planet?

  • An Anti-Capitalist movement using the fear of children to drive their agenda?

  • A bunch of arseholes whose tactics are driving away people who could otherwise support them?

  • All of the above

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Respect Nature
It’s just 26-0 has got a hard on for me so he/them/it is justifying it in his/their/it’s head that I am female.
They’ll be back hiding and whimpering behind their sofa in the basement pretty soon.
Oh! disappointed now, It was starting to make sense the cat fights you participate in...


Respect Nature
Began watching this earlier, and have to have a break every 10 mins it's so distressing, thanks to the internet we can see just how nasty and, for want of a better word 'evil' multi-corps are...bookmark it, it's worth a watch.



Respect Nature
COP26 was a Roaring Success
First we Have the news that Oil & Gas Drilling is a Booming Business
US nonprofit news organisation Truthout is reporting that in a couple of days’ time the Biden administration is due to “auction off more than 80 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling companies less than a week after the United Nations COP26 climate conference”.

According to a Reuters report on this auction, back in September, this is an annual auction which also took place last November. The timing, however, is poor. Truthout reports: “More than 250 environmental, social justice and Indigenous groups sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday with an ‘urgent plea’ to cancel the lease sale.”
Then the False Anger at India & China Watering down their use of Coal.
The Prime Minister will take a 5pm press conference from Downing Street with summit chairman Alok Sharma after the latter warned Beijing and New Delhi they would have to 'justify' political scheming to protect their coal interests.
The simplest way to stop China and India polluting the Atmosphere by Burning massive amounts of Coal:
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