Fave Kids Film


Youth Team
Taking inspiration from my "email muse", what kids film do you love?

I adore Labyrinth with David Bowie. Although his tight leggings disturb me slightly...I also enjoy watching most Disney films (in particular The Lion King or Little Mermaid) and Shrek, obviously. BUt I suppose my all time fave "kids film" (if it is classed as that) is the Wizard of Oz.

Parents, or big kids own up. Whats your fave childrens film?

My favourite films as a child were the Shirley Temple ones which were normally shown on a Saturday morning. I doubt you will have even heard of her never mind seen any Katie :D The Little Princess being my favourite of hers.

Other ones would include Wizard Of Oz, The Aristocats, Monsters Inc, Overboard, Bambi, Dumbo, Pinnocchio, Lion King (probably most Disney ones like yourself Katie) Oliver, Annie, Sinbad movies...any Christmas one too.