Former PNE Players Thread


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Oh I know. But he looked good in fleeting moments, and had no actual end product. If he had provided that, would have been much easier to justify his selection over people who actually put a shift in defensively too.

He's clearly gonna make a good player. And he's definitely an exciting one. But all sizzle no steak is a hard sell in a relegation battle.
Yep, it's defensive gristle every time for us.
Anthony Gordon scored 2 goals for England under 21’s tonight and he couldn’t even get a game for us. You couldn’t write it.

Plenty of our players weren’t scoring goals and they were still given more game time

Anthony Gordon is clearly going to be a top player but after 33 career appearances he still only has one assist to his name and 0 goals. And the two he scored for u21 are his first in his career.

He clearly needs to work on his end product if he wants to make it at the top. I predict in a couple of years he will end up at a championship/bottom half prem team.


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