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As we welcome our two new volunteer Moderators onto the team, the Admin and Moderators would like to take this as an opportunity to remind all posters of the part they, along with the moderators and admin, play in the success of this forum as we approach 17 years of existence in this format.

Moderators and admin are volunteers. That they volunteer to stand as a moderator doesn't mean that fact can be disregarded. They all have lives and families and jobs outside of this forum just like all posters do. They are here to allow the forum to function and help maintain it from a legal and conduct perspective, it doesn't however elevate them to a position where they deserve to be subject to abuse if someone disagrees with them purely because of their status on the forum, nor because they have their own opinion or stance that differs to another poster(s).

Everyone on this forum is ultimately a poster in their own right, a PNE fan(well most of them). That's the common ground we all have. Posters and moderators all have the right to hold or challenge opinions, views, standpoints etc. If people can't conduct themselves appropriately then all posters and moderators have the option to report any posts they deem offensive or contravening rules, or may be breaking any legal area such as privacy, defamatory comments or personal details of users or employees of the club. Please use that function rather than trying to enforce conduct in an inflammatory manner. Likewise if you are concerned about the conduct of moderators, please report in the normal manner, or if you feel it warrants it then please use the Forum Contact option to speak with the Site Owner as a last resort

The forum is proud of it's independence from the club itself allowing users to challenge or support the club without interference from the club themselves. Likewise the forum has no political affiliations and users are free to post their views without bias as long as they don't contravene any rules.

Again, to reiterate, the forum is moderated by a team. There is no single view or views that has the ability to control the narrative of the forum bar the posting of you, the users. No single admin/moderator would be able to steer the forum without the backing of a majority within the team, which is made up of a number of views. This is why after a period of change and bedding in on the new site format the Owner of the site has decided that adding to the team, and allowing those who contribute to keeping this forum online, the opportunity to choose those who they feel are capable of helping to ensure the conduct of the forum is consistent.

It's been a tough season and a half for all users, no doubt both on and off the field, life has been pretty unprecedented. Behind the poster, the moderator, the admin, there's a real person dealing with their own life. As ever the forum is immensely proud of the Mental Health forum and it's use. In recent months we've seen many examples of the wonderful spirit this forum has with posters reaching out for support, and more importantly, people reaching out to offer support and look out for posters who have gone quiet or are struggling or dealing with other events.

That's why all of you, all of us, make this place what it is.

So to reiterate, many thanks to all posters for their contributions and support, thanks to the Moderators for ensuring the place works smoothly. But please, look out for each other at all times and respect the diversity of views the forum holds, everyone can't agree all the time, we know that. Stay safe and take care.
Look after yourselves, look after each other. That's all we can ask.

On behalf of the PNE Online Admin and Moderators
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