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Fresh Poll: Lowe in/out?

Ryan Lowe?

  • Lowe in

    Votes: 102 13.0%
  • Lowe out

    Votes: 682 87.0%

  • Total voters
Any other club would have had him out weeks ago.

There is no way he's going to walk, so potting him is the only option and it needs doing right now.

When he does go though, I expect a parting shot at the fans from him.
It's not in his nature to see where he's gone wrong or learn from his mistakes.

I'd have Westley back over him any day of the week, and that's saying something!

Lowe out.
I’m all for different opinions, it would be a poorer world if we all agreed all the time. However, I simply cannot understand those who kept saying we should stick with him for month after month after month - nor those who still applauded him to the dug out month after month after month but especially over the last few weeks. That has enabled the club and Lowe to compile the narrative that it’s a minority that don’t support him.
I suspect the board will wait to make any decision after the Chelsea funds drop into the Revitt bank account.
It’s a bloody depressing time to be a PNE fan. Yes, we should be getting more out of the players but they are an incredibly limited squad.

I agree that fresh ideas and impotus are now required. But who are we realistically going to bring in - we have a boardroom of dinosaurs who will have not a clue about up and coming innovative coaches. Those we will go for have all repeatedly failed to get to the play offs with similar or better squads. The most likely is Nathan Jones and a good number of our fans have already said they won’t back him.

Where we go from here does not inspire me at all.