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Am i thick..?
Please explain the punchline 🤔

Drawer as in artist vs drawer you put things in. :)

That wasn't actually the joke, but I'm going to pretend it is...

Yeah, yeah! That's what I meant.

I was basically just imagining how someone buying an Ikea Christmas tree in your joke could get out of having to assemble it, by instead deciding to celebrate one of the few holidays which falls on the 25th. The reference to the drawer to an eagle eyed PNE Forumer is actually a reference to an earlier discussion about that drawer everyone has in the kitchen.

Anyway, I've explained it to death now, it's dead, let's move on 😂


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I think we might have wires crossed here. We are talking double entendre, right. 😂

I'm dunking my brain between the Rittenhouse debate and the contents of your drawer in the kitchen, which became your wife's drawers, which became a joke below the belt which may be a real belt, an uncalled for joke or a reference to something which is indeed below the belt, which could be your wife's drawers. Being that you live with your wife they are also your drawers, if it is those drawers we're indeed on about... Or maybe they aren't those drawers but those drawers and you actually wear your wife's drawers after all.

Now that's a lot of wires.


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It goes in the following order:

1. Lack of Apostrophe
2. The spacing between £1 and . and . and 00
3. The spacing between Ball and / and / and Bag
4. The inclusion of a smaller £1.00
5. The strange triad of Terry's Chocolate Orange, sandwiches and Little Gem Lettuce.

Yes, the space between the Ball and and and and and Bag is not the same.

I'm glad you've finally come round.

If only there was a separate thread about this.