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General Championship thread

To be fair, that's just because we only had 3 penalties last season. This season we've only had 2. We don't seem to win many pens under Lowe

And until the last couple of games ( and a handful of others) it isn't hard to work out why :D ... I just hope his " eureka " moment registers permanently.
Not only are Stoke fans slamming D.J. and Pearson, they've also been saying that Iverson is shi ite and never looks like he's going to make a save.
It would appear that the ex PNE players are not particularly well thought of at Stoke. They also want a Director of Football to oversee signings and are highly critical of John Coates. This, from a couple of Stoke Fans, i know - i suggested Peter Ridsdale would do a good job for them (they REALLY would hate PNE then :ROFLMAO:).
Playing devil’s advocate here but how many teams have improved when they have sacked their manager.

Birmingham won one game under Mowbray.l so far. Bristol/Millwall just seem the same average mid table side they usually are. Stoke have been shocking under schmaker. Eustace - too early to judge. Swansea have been dreadful under Williams.

Beale seems to be doing alright but majority of Sunderland fans want him sacked. Huddersfield, shef Wednesday, QPR and Rothertham haven’t imprvoed
Much and are still fighting relegation.

It does show. In about 90% of cases - sacking a manager doesn’t actually achieve much.
they've backed Neill and all his transfers and they'll all be on decent long contracts.

Sunderland at least have been buying young players that aren't welded to one boss and how they want to play.

They need to do a full overhaul again. They've gone from bloated with prem players eeking out a payday to championship players doing the same.