General Championship Thread


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When was the last time anything went to plan 😂😂?
It's been going unbelievably to plan for the last month.

Amazing how the two key teams, Derby and Bristol have collapsed - and generally other teams around us have not taken advantage. At this stage of the season, whilst you might expect the odd blip, the better teams are usually making a consistent move.

Another fantastic night for us.


Leeds v Sheff U. Away win or draw.
Villa v Boro. Draw
Brentford v WBA . Draw
Ipswich v Forest. Home or draw.
Roth v Norwich. Draw
Wed v Rovers. Away or draw. Come on Rovers lol

If only........

I’d like to see the top 3 have to keep fighting it out till the last game. Don’t want any one starting resting players, except us of course if we get in that position.

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Sheff Utd beat Leeds to go 2nd. Leeds keeper sent off for fouling Sharp outside the area. Wonder if the red card will be rescinded on appeal :rolleyes: 3 match ban? Means their first choice keeper is suspended for our match against Leeds 👍