Greg Cunningham

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It used to be down the far end of Church Street near the Lamb pub
true Went in often as a young kid - on way home from Deepdale - waiting for connecting buses from the old bus station...
Having first picked up a copy of 'the pink' from the ginnel where the guild hall will now be!


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If Cunningham was available, which he isn’t and won’t be, then I’d go and pick him up. Top class player.

His loss is a bit like when Alexander left. There’ll be other good players to follow, and Hughes is doing really well, but Cunningham was top class.


Really surprised how complimentary people are being of our strength in depth at LB! I’ve recently commented on how I believe our full backs are our area of weakness and likely to stop us challenging for a top 6 spot.

IMO Hughes is often found out of position defensively and sometimes manages to recover through speed, with Fisher similar at RB! Earl has his good games, but still has plenty to learn and when up against a pacy winger has often struggled.


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Merrygolds used to be in Church Street somewhere near the Palladium. I used to be taken there to choose toys in the '50's.
It may have moved elsewhere later though I thought it just shut down like so many others.