Harrop future at PNE address by Frankie


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It wasn't too long ago people wanted Harrop to be given more games. Like most flair players he is inconsistent. Capable of brilliance and often very direct. May benefit from the new McAvoy regime. Despite his underwhelming loans last season, I'm keeping my mind open.

Yes - if Harrop stays he may surprise a few people who have written him off.


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Yes - if Harrop stays he may surprise a few people who have written him off.
Harrops loan to Ipswich needed to be a success but unfortunately it was the polar opposite. It means he’s now more of a liability than an asset to the team with regards to a squad place.
The only solution I can see is for him to go on loan again and make a better job of it.

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Would be great if he comes back and finally fulfills his potential but sadly I can't see it.

He probably only fits into the 10 position on the field as he is poor defensively but he has Browne, DJ & Potts in front of him probably as it stands.

Feels like he needed to rip it up on loan at Ipswich but he did basically nothing. That new contract looks like mental business by us as it stands.


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This past couple of years, we've had the worst least inspiring numbers 10, 9 and 7 in my time supporting PNE (including the Westley year)

Are you talking about players we signed or players we have. Because DJ and Browne are a cut above anything we had under Westley.

Which is more inspiring: Chris Beardsley or Ched Evans. I’ll let you decide.


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Best thing to do is play him in some of the easy friendlies, let him bag a few and take a loan elsewhere with a small percentage of wages paid. Damage limitation for us on a ridiculous contract decision.


except he has been injured for at least 2 of them so far !
Harrop has had numerous hamstring injuries since he came back from the ACL injury. He's also had niggles with his knee too. But it's not been really noticeable because he barely starts when he is fit. If he ever does get a run of appearances in the starting xi here or elsewhere, I'd wager an injury will follow close behind.