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Hemmings family - time to go?

Hemmings family - time to go?

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Many Clouds

Sep 16, 2018
Be interesting to see where the forum currently stands - I know there are calls for Ridsdale to go, but I personally think he's only a part of the problem and the bigger issue is the Hemmings family clear lack of interest and desire to fund this club to the next level.
I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly but they’ve needed to go for a good while now. It’s all good and well keeping us ticking over but owning a football club that should be the bare minimum. We are so close to being a good squad and we’ve been here time and time before and not been backed. We’ve had countless good managers go to waste all down to an unwillingness to spend money. Not even talking millions and millions, a RWB and ST would have been enough this window.
I would be thrilled to see the back of them but only for a proper owner, whats Kirchner doing?
Yes yes yes - anything is better than this! This is the peak of their leadership mud table mediocrity in the championship
I wouldn't waste your time asking them to sell. The evidence shows they are already planning to sell.

Maximum income. Reduced costs and minimum investment. It all makes us more attractive to a potential buyers.

The sad thing is the way they have played the fans to achieve this. This only happens once. We won't forget. If they don't sell this season, attendances will plummet.
Think we need some kind of statement from the Hemmings family. Its obvious Ryan has not been backed in this transfer window, right wing back and a striker were needed as a minimum.

Do they intend to take the club forward with us losing (lots) money each month, if so this was the time to do it, its a poor league, a couple of astute signing may have pushed us further...

Who in their right mind has the money to take us over though?? I was hoping that the Hemmings family would be the ones to push that boat out just a little and a couple of quality signings...