Homophobia in football


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Just saw this.

Good, very upsetting read. Reckon football will ever get to the point where players will be comfortable coming out?

Yes. And soon. I am of the firm belief that as soon as one notable player comes out, we'll find that there's a lot of squawking from the bigots... but it will blow itself out very quickly - and all just be shown to be hot air. And I really don't think it will be even 3 years before someone does show that bravery. I'd be amazed if it's more than five.

I think the groundswell of opinion is very strong that people don't care and this will drown out the bigots within weeks/months - they will be shouted down as socially unacceptable. Other sectors of society have done the hard work already. Acting, singing, teaching, scoutmasters, married couples. IMO, players wanting to come out as gay would be just pushing on an open door.... just one that has the facade of looking a bit scary right now.