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Iconic images of the City of Preston - past & present.

I may be way off the mark here, but looking at the different outfits it seems everyone was in their 'best' for a day on the park and it looks like a happy mingling of the social classes of Preston.

I love the image of the women skipping with their blokes swinging the rope.
What most people don’t recognise is what they thought was hat waving was actually a form of semaphore which reads “ Don’t mention the bloody hat trick”
Amazing to see, not one person in that clip will be alive today. Makes you wonder how many perished in WW 1☹️
I was thinking similar. I find it very thought provoking that all of us are simply passing through, and much quicker than we'd like. We've just watched Swarms of people enjoying themselves in a Preston park in that clip and every single one of them would now have been dead for many years. Many perishing in the two World Wars. Enjoy every moment you're here, its merely a blip in time and we're lucky that our time is now.