Iconic moments (mostly goals)


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I was there at Bradford. Great days despite the fact we were shit.
I’ve been trying to work out whether I haven’t enjoyed this season because we’re boring or is it because there’s no fans that the games are boring. I’d decided that if this carries on I might not go back.

Then ai’ve just read tomorrow’s newspaper headlines that they’ve got enough vaccines to jab everyone by early summer. My first words to my wife were I’ll soon be back at Deepdale and Old Trafford once that’s done. I didn’t think I’ll ever stop going but I can’t see memories of crap teams at Bradford in the 1990s ever beating anything that will happen in the future.


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Potts tonight for his magnificent 3 points from out on the touch line, 5 mins from the end, as good as J Wilkinson on O Farrell in clearing the bar !


Battering Cardiff 6-0, followed by Ross Wallace's free kick against Birmingham, followed by St Ledgers winner against QPR to put us in playoffs by 1 goal.

Some absolutely belting games and memories.
I missed most of the goals against Cardiff 🙄
Didn't miss ledges winner though.


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Nogan away at Burnley, ridiculous goal and then celebration.
Can’t believe that nobody has mentioned Raynor’s last minute header in the play off game v Torquay. Very iconic for me.


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Mad that all those moments occurred within two months of each other, maybe less. Under Alan fucking Irvine as well.

They were three weekends on the bounce. Unreal. Preceeded by a 2-0 win at Doncaster and a 1-0 loss at home to Charlie Adam and Blackpool.