Ifollow issues anyone?


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Got a great Father’s Day present from the kids. Match passes for all the games this season not on Sky. 😀

Could someone tell me whether the sound is as is or whether they add that irritating pretend crowd noise?


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No it wasn't, it really wasn't. I just don't understand this "All the media hates PNE nonsense"

The two pundits in the studio where former Cardiff players.

The sumariser was a former Cardiff player.

The interviewer before the game got our managers name wrong throughout his interview.

They had a picture of Connor Ripley for Declan Rudd.

They spent the last entire first half ripping us apart and only Jimmy Floyd made anything of the blatant penatly on Sinclair.

I sometimes understand we are the smaller club and coverage will be leaning towards the bigger club but today was as bad as it gets.

I don't think the media hate North End end, infact i don't think they care.

However a little bit of ballance would be nice.


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I got a similar "decision" response on Thursday - and I hadn't asked for a refund! I simply asked for advice and assistance and a reassurance that I would be able to see today's game. As it is, with 5 minutes to go I still can't get any video (as a ST holder). Fuming.
Did it work in the end?


I certainly thought the sky pundits emphasised cardiff rather than pne but I've got used to it over the years and it doesn't bother me.


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Question for folk who’ve used I follow before when’s the earliest after full time that you can watch the whole game again?.
Got things on tomorrow and won’t be able to get home until late in second half.
That’s if it’s worth watching🤞🏻
Did it work in the end?

I have finally got today's live match stream (vs Derby) working after getting a 4th email in 8 days from iFollow support. The last one was from someone who had actually read my original email in full. Even then I had another hiccup u til I disabled my adblocker. Hope you get sorted Muzza.


Tried and better tried to make this work, but still struggling

Can get sound only, screen blacked out

Think Ill stick with Radio Lancs

I am no computer genius but it should not be this difficult
I've got a login, password and code - that should be enough,you shouldn't have to change settings or whatever

Will certainly not be shelling out for this next season

Any body buy the two programmes that were offered for sale on the club's website - one for the 5000th game and one to cover the rest ?

Not received mine as yet, any body get theirs ?