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The last 22 months have been a testing time for everyone. Covid has changed our lives forever and the stress brought with it has brought out the best and the worst in us all.

Couple that up with the goings on at Deepdale and you can see that all our frustrations, anxiety and at times anger pour out onto the forum message boards.

On the forum itself there has been much infighting, insulting each other, pack mentality etc etc. Some arguments have gone on for months and months. We're having forum members leave, some rarely post anymore due to the toxic environment it has become. This forum is something we should all be proud of, there is no other football forum with a community like we have, we should be proud of the sub sections that cover topics like mental health, to have somewhere we can talk in confidence to each other about mental health issues is priceless.

So after consultation with the moderation and administration team we have decided that today is a "line in the sand" all the past bickering and arguments over who said what and he said she said end of now, we cross a line together and move forwards as adults. Anybody who has stopped posting we urge to return.

However if any forum users begin to bring up old arguments and continue to bicker about past issues between themselves, break forum rules, derail threads by bringing up past issues especially in the mental health section (as this is a section where people should feel they can post) then we will act accordingly. But as we stand now, we'll draw a line in the sand, put everything behind us and move on.

Also, we'd like to remind everybody of this, which was posted in May:

News and current affairs section

Finally we would like to wish everyone who continues to support the forum through what has been a difficult time for us all.

Without the support of our patrons/ members there simply wouldn't be a forum and hopefully we can continue to thrive for years to come.

We hope you have a safe and peaceful Christmas.

The Admin & Moderators of PNE Online.
Not open for further replies.