India v Pakistan


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Thing is, this really is nothing new. India and Pakistan have been popping at each other over Kashmir since partition.
Nothing new in principle but India flew into Pakistan controlled airspace - I read for the first time since 1971 - to attack targets. Then dogfights leading to aircraft from each side (I think) being shot down.

Hopefully they can keep a lid on it but this is certainly a pretty big "pop"


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£463 million of U.K. taxpayers money to Pakistan- quite right some may say.

But they clearly have enough money to spend on nukes.

Yet they starve on the streets........
Argh, don’t go there. Jake will get all cross with you.


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It’s like Richard Branson being eligible for food banks.

Private island - tick
Airline Owner - tick
Luxury mansion - tick
Food - god I m hungry.
But they deserve the money because.......erm because........

hmmmm let me think......


Oh I know, because our ex PM decided we must give 0.7 of GDP away, and if we call it AID then all the left wing liberals will be all fuzzy in their knickers because it sounds like we are doing something nice. (meanwhile in the UK we have some of the worst poverty according to the UN)