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Some superb looking specimens:)
When I had a cat I got her loads of toys, catnip, scratchboards etc. but nothing beat taking chunks out of the sofa.
I'd never have got a job as a cat behavourist.:)


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So, my little man Charlie has had a hell of a week, it started last weekend when we noticed he was struggling to navigate around the house so we took him down to Ribble vets were they diagnosed detached retinas in both eyes caused overnight by extremely high blood pressure. He has a tiny bit of sight in his left eye, so he can just about make out large shapes.

Then yesterday his ongoing bowel condition resulted in him having an overnight stay at the vets were they had to flush his bowels out as he couldn't go to the loo.

On the plus side his cancer diagnosis has now been changed to a condition called megacolon, this explains why he struggles having a plop.

So I'm off to pick him up from the vets at 12 o clock and bring him back home and try to get him adjusted to manoeuvring around the house with only partial sight.

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