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I'm equally dismissive of both sides, raefil. Your words are proportioning more blame on Israel. Is that fair to say?
Well Im struggling to blame any other govt for the sanctioning of the slaughter of 28000 people, including thousands of children.

My thoughts on Hamas have been made clear throughout this thread.
Palestine should be split in two, how Israel managed to rename the whole of Palestine 'Israel' without being stopped is beyond me. The Northern Part to include Haifa, Tel Aviv should be Israel, with the South to include part of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip should be Palestine, Israel should be responsible for the costs of rebuilding the towns they have bombed into rubble, Gaza City etc.

A major port should be built to serve Palestine, and an international airport, Jerusalem should be part of Palestine, with the Israelis given free movement to visit holy places, the same for Palestinians, free access to holy places in Bethlehem and Nazareth. For a few years, a peace-keeping force should be stationed in the land, and both sides should be made to stop attacks. A big ask and very complicated to oversee, but as it is now, it is totally decided by Israel, with total disregard for the Palestinians, it appears that total annihilation of the Palestinians is their aim.

The Jews were given the land to settle and create a homeland for themselves, since 1948, they have taken over the whole of Palestine by force, and treat the Arabs as sub-humans, killing and kicking them out of their homes. Enough is enough, the rest of the world needs to get tough with the Israelis and stop their murderous campaign and aggression towards the peoples that have lived there for thousands of years, the Israelis are newcomers and do not own the land, they were allowed to settle there by the US and the Brits after the 2nd world war. They should be thankful and grateful for that.
Has Google got an algorithm to filter out the story- or am I just shit with Google? 😂
You probably didn't agree to T&Cs, Google is allowed to place trackers on your PC, and may follow your every move for the rest of your life, you must agree to share all your information with them, every move and wherever you go take a device with you even when you sit on the Khazi, make sure you ticked the box that allows Google to track all outdoor movements, and you allowed Google to transfer all your emails to Gmail so they can peruse all your confidential info at their leisure.

It is better if you allow Google to sign you in to every site you visit, no point having separate sign ins, better to let Google do it for you. If you do all that, you shouldn't have a problem with their search engine.
The people on this thread aren't going to like VD saying that 🤞

If our PM and the opposition leader don't condemn the Israelis, when will the massacre stop, Netanyahu is a headcase, and he doesn't give a shit how many innocents are killed. The only people that can stop this are the western powers, namely the USA, backed by the European countries and of course the UK. How sick are we to allow the Israelis to continue this genocidal attack on the Palestinians, of which the majority are women and children.

One thing is for sure, the Israelis should not be allowed to get their weapons from the West any more, we are culpable in supplying weapons and parts for their fighter aircraft, this is no way in the 25th century for supposedly civilised nations to deal with situations, it is barbaric, and some people need to be tried for war-crimes, Netanyahu is the main culprit, and those that enabled him, the leaders of the Western Democracies should be brought to court over them allowing this massacre to continue, Sunak, Biden and the leaders of the EU, it is totally wrong and should be stopped immediately, if the Israelis refuse, we should stop them with military force, fucking barbaric the whole shit-show.