Iversen signs on loan (confirmed)


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I think it has. Kelly, Jemson and Kilbane (at Luton once especially) really copped it. Perhaps it was just habit because we used to have some really shit players in those days, including a surplus of no-footed centre halves.


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What was his son like as a player? Made a fair few appearances for us and played at a decent level after leaving us but rarely see him mentioned on here.

I’d agree with Justin 73 Pumba, a very good ‘keeper. Remember a picture years ago of him and one of his brothers (David or Gary) in the LEP, a “promising ‘keeper” type article with AK Jr diving to one side. He fulfilled that promise in my view, with something like 150 appearances for us and 50 or so for the RoI.
He was unlucky at international level getting caps but tending to be a No 2 behind Packie Bonner & Shay Given. Went to at least 1 World Cup but never played.
After us had time at Sheffield Urd & t’ Rovers. Obviously had something about him to end up coaching in the USA, here, plus recently RoI & Everton.
I, among many on here, was sad to see him leave for Everton.
Obviously the ‘keeper gene was passed on from dad, Jr as above, Gary playing for Newcastle & Bury (+ other/s?) and David played amateur footy.


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Is Iverson now the No 1 goally, or will Ripley go into the first team and Iverson go on the bench?
We wouldn’t have brought iverson in if we were happy with ripley. We’d have just put Hudson as the second choice whilst Rudd was out

Suggests we aren’t happy with either


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Very early days but I quite like the look of Iversen.

He is a big presence between the sticks and he looks like an assured keeper.

Conditions were atrocious tonight and it didn’t fluster him at all.

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Could be the best signing of the lot. He looks really assured and confident. That will rub off on the defenders around him. He was superb tonight considering the ball must have been like a bar of soap.