January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

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People have been saying (myself included) that we lack leaders.

Exactly what we lacked on Saturday - even just a couple of players who could not only play well but by their force of character make their teammates do the same. That is why the likes of Storey, Earl and Bayliss should not be blamed for what happened - the needed leadership and they did not get it. Anyhow no point going on about it. As far as I am concerned only a play-off place at the least will now make this season something worthwhile.


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Just had a look on the Donny forum and one loon has come up with this gem

“Preston whilst established in the championship aren't a big club by any means , we averaged more than they did last season whilst they chased the play offs and we were bottom of the league .”

The first bit, I totally agree with but the bit in bold.....

What fucking planet is this guy on??

Only<about 5 and half thousand in it, in our favour!!!

We averaged just over 13.5 thousand whilst they were just over 8 thousand.

This is him, explains a lot.

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I assumed given the surgery that the "not as bad as first thought" meant he would be back for the start of next season rather than out for 12 months.
As I posted on the Rudd injury thread..... it depends if its medial or lateral, but operations are usually quicker than non invasive (6 - 8 weeks)
Operations are not recommended these days because of longer term joint damage but are quicker for recovery. Hence players risk then.

Having said that Moult should be 9 months and he is already nearer 2 years !!!

with it being a keeper we 'might' be able to deregister / reregister when he is fully fit...


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Rudd's gone down like he's been shot, no one near him, in at least 2 games this season. Miraculously stayed on the pitch both times.
Was hoping for a situation like this.
Think v forest he was stretching his hamstring each goalkick and his range, which is usually impressive, was restricted.

Hope it's not too bad and comes back in the same nick.


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We were heading potentially towards relegation if a change hadn't been made.
No argument there! The initial point was about recruiting captains from other teams, which I generally think is a good idea. I just used proctor as an example that it doesn’t always guarantee quality or leadership!


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That isn’t a valid registration. WH17MAN would be though.
I am only about 3 minutes from the training ground by car and under normal circumstances I would go for a peep , but I don’t want to get pulled over by the police for a unnecessary journey !!!
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