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January 2023 : Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion


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All depends how 'lesser' they are, if they're outside of the FIFA top 50 rankings they won't qualify for a work permit.
Canada are about 41st. The FIFA rankings are a joke though. Belgium are rated 2nd, before February 2022 they were number 1 for at least 3 years I think. Only made 1 semi final in their history!


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Mitch Clark getting good reviews as fullback/RWB for Accrington Stanley of late. Worth a January punt? 23yrs old, former Villa academy, 5 assists this season, OoC in the Summer...


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Going to Scotland is such a waste if your looking to go there on loan for experience ready for the Prem, which Villa seem to want him to get and they rate him highly.

As a career permanent move would be great as a loan a waste imo.

Lee Trundle

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Mile Jedinak needs sacking as Villa's loan manager if Archer ends up in Scotland.

Only 1 in every 10 games will be against a championship standard team. Even Blackpool would finish third in the SPL


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Seen a tweet before about Sunderland fans saying that Iran striker would cut it in the champ and they should look at him and then another tweet saying he's a champs league player worth 20 million with 5 goals in this year champs league lol
Try £30m-£40m. Porto paid €15m for him from Rio Ave. He's the best striker in Portugal.

Although Goncalo Ramos at Benfica looks like the next big thing. Some, production line they have considering the population.