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Tried to read a PNE article on the LP website the other day and literally couldn’t access it due to pop-ups and being taken to an advertising page I couldn’t exit without closing safari.

Not surprising they are going under when it’s so hard to read their stuff online and not as many people are buying newspapers.


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Agree that the LEP has become very difficult to read... but I always put up with with the ads because I wanted it to survive.

It will be bad for the town and for PNE if the LEP goes under. : Hopefully the LEP, and a lot of the better newspapers from the Johnson Press portfolio, get picked up by someone and saved.


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I haven't bought a newspaper for twenty years. News is so instant and readily available on tv an online now.
I can however see the relevance of local papers that give in depth insight to local issues that would not be relevant to a national audience. However their readership is in decline and many local papers are nothing more than advertising leaflets with a bit of old news thrown in.


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National papers I would agree pne4ever but there is far more in the local paper that you wouldn't hear about if you relied on them and BBC news channels etc

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I like reading about who's been in court, and occasionally the LEP offers vouchers for stuff like a free tin of cat food. I haven't got a cat, but that's not the point.


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Like so many local newspapers it's probably had it's day. The website is hopeless and that's my only access to it. Consequently, i rarely bother with it
This is sad news.
I used to enjoy reading the Lancashire Evening Post Daily ('Back in the Day') but haven't lived in the immediate Preston area for over 30 Years now so apart from reading the out of Town issue occasionally it dropped off my radar.
In a changing World it would appear that unfortunately the printed issues are becoming unviable.
Maybe one solution would be to rationalise and have (as an example) a Monday, Wednesday, Friday issue.
News would still be relevant and up to date and still have the classifieds etc, but cut some costs.
For example in PNE terms Fridays issue gives upcoming weekend match reviews, Mondays the Match reports & Wednesday updates.
Hopefully one way or another the Paper can be saved.


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I'd be surprised if Newsquest didn't buy them on the cheap. They have picked up Cumbrian and North Wales in the last 18 months so it would fill the gap between those